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Connellsville, PA History

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- One of our First Veterans
- Colonel William Crawford's Cabin
- A Town Begins
- Became a Booming Manufacturing Town
- John Woodruff, Connellsville's Olympic Champion
- Stewart's Crossing
- Zachariah Connell
- Streetcars in Connellsville
1956 Souvenir Program
- As Time Marches On - 1
- As Time Marches On - 2
- As Time Marches On - 3
- As Time Marches On - 4
- First White Settlers
- First City of Fayette County
- Monument Honors Pioneer Hero
- Zach Connell May Come Home
- Coke Became KING Here
- Generations To Come
- City Keeps Abreast Of Air Age
- For Comfort Of All
- Walking Tour

Article taken from the Sesquicentennial Souvenir Program published in 1956.

As Time Marches On (page 4)

By Willard L. Lewis

The last fifty years - 1906 to 1956 saw the borough of Connellsville grow into the City of Connellsville. It has been a half-century of ups and downs in both American and world history, and Connellsville's fortunes have been like those of the Nation - up and down. Three times in the last fifty years Connellsville lads have been called into the service of the country: First in 1917 for World War I; again in 1942 for World War II, and more recently for the so-called "police action" in Korea.

The fear and uncertainty of economic disturbances marked the last fifty years. Perhaps the most notable of these were the recession of 1921 and the terrible depression of the thirties. In the peak of the latter thirteen million Americans were unemployed. The pinch of it felt in Connellsville, particularly in 1938 to 1941, when the merger of Capstan Glass with Hocking Glass created the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation and brought a cessation of production here until the tanks were relighted in 1941. Since then Anchor Hocking has become largest employer, and the largest contributor to this community's well being.

It is devoutly hoped the next fifty years will find Connellsville enjoying, with the remainder of the Nation and the world, an enduring peace and a spreading prosperity. Those who write the story of Connellsville in the year 2006 will probably have great wonders to record.

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