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Quebec Run Wild Area

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Source: Pennsylvania DCNR

Quebec Run Wild Area’s Autumn Colored Forest Edge
Quebec Run Wild Area’s Autumn Colored Forest Edge

The Quebec Run Wild Area is located along the eastern slope of Chestnut Ridge, in Fayette County. This heavily forested 7,441 acre area of land extends eastward to Big Sandy Creek. Nearly all of the Quebec Run and Tebolt Run watersheds are encompassed by the Wild Area. No development of a permanent nature will be permitted in this area, so as to retain the undeveloped “wild” character. The general public can use this area for hiking, fishing, and the pursuit of peace and solitude. Big Sandy Creek and Mill Run are stocked with trout, and the lower reaches of Quebec and Tebolt Runs contain native trout.

The forest is known as mixed mesophitic. Sugar and red maple, along with yellow-poplar, line the moist north and east-facing slopes. Mixed oaks occupy the warmer and drier south and west sides of the hills. Rhododendron thickets share the wet creek bottoms with hemlock. Mountain laurel, dogwood, sassafras and greenbriar occur throughout. An area of pitch pine can be found growing in the rocky face near Miller Trail.

This forest is mostly third growth, resulting from extensive timber harvesting by the Summit Lumber Co. of Uniontown around 1938-40. Many of the old logging roads and tram roads are in evidence, along with the dark brown sawdust piles that give mute testimony to the once active portable sawmills.

An abandoned farm field near the east end of Brocker and Tebolt Trails is reverting to brush and forestland. Several acres were planted with spruce and larch.

There are no restroom locations, and you must pack in potable water.

Camping Information

Camping in the Forbes State Forest is restricted to backpack-type camping. Camping out of vehicles or campers is not permitted. Permits for camping are required only if campers stay more than one night at any campsite. All campers are encouraged to obtain a permit in case you are overdue or if someone needs to reach you.

Campers must:

  • Camp at least 100 feet from any stream
  • Camp at least 200 feet from and out of sight of roads
  • Camp at least 25 feet from and out of sight of any trails
  • Keep field privies at least 200 feet from any water source
  • Pack out all trash
  • Not have campfires when wildfire danger is high

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