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Grandfather and Grandson sat on a swinging bench enjoying the refreshing breeze of an early summer's evening in South Connellsville, when the elder inspires the younger with a thought. Why couldn't you build a local web site for Connellsville? With that early sentiment, was destined to be born.

By the end of that summer in the year 1997, Fay-West On-Line, our original name, was launched to the world. Proudly becoming the first informational web site for Connellsville and Fayette County, and today serving tens of thousands of visitors with roots here in the Fay-West area.

The web site was funded initially through seed money provided by the Grandfather, David Bradley. Now, however, picture and other sales more than compensate the site's low overhead.

In 2003, nearing the sixth anniversary of the first discussion of building a web site for the Connellsville area, gets serious. The site was redesigned and computer logic added to make content updating, managing, and delivery a snap. Our future looks as bright now as in August of 1997 when we first activated our initial domain names - and

We've put Connellsville and South Connellsville on the World Wide Web. Now we're improving upon it.

We are very much still open to suggestions and your feedback! Contact us or use our Guestbook to inspire us with more ideas, or if you would be interested in working with us to put your Fayette or Westmoreland County community online. Also, if you like to write articles of interest to the local area, we might be interested in providing you an outlet to provide them to the world.

Let's work together to make this, your local web site, a better one.

Thank you for your continued interest in visiting this web site.

Michael D. McCumber
Webmaster/Founder of

Michael D. McCumber<br>Webmaster/Founder
Michael D. McCumber

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