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Ohiopyle State Park

Connellsville and South Connellsville Ohiopyle State Park Youghiogheny River and Trail
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Ohiopyle State Park
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- Baughman's Rock
- Tharp Knob
- Sugarloaf
- Laurel Highlands
- Waterfalls & Streams
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Ohiopyle State Park Park Guide

Source: Pennsylvania DCNR

Guide Contents
- Directions
- Recreational Opportunities
- Whitewater Rafting
- Hiking
- History
- Natural Resources
- Waterfalls and Scenic Water Attractions
- Local Attractions
- Safety Message
- Contact Information

Natural Resources

Ferncliff Peninsula National Natural Landmark: Created by a meander in the Youghiogeny River, this 100-acre peninsula is a unique habitat that contains many rare and interesting plants. The northern-flowing Youghiogeny River picks up seeds in Maryland and West Virginia and deposits them at Ferncliff, north of their usual growing range. The deep gorge is slightly warmer than the surrounding area, which allows these southern refugees to survive.

Recognized for its botanical diversity for over a century, in 1973 the 100-acre peninsula was declared a National Natural Landmark. In 1992, Ferncliff Peninsula was declared a State Park Natural Area which will protect it in a natural state.

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