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George Washington's Fort of Necessity in Fayette County

Location: Farmington, PA > Fort Necessity Season: Spring
Type: Place Added: 05/22/1999
Here you can see the reconstructed Fort Necessity at the Fort Necessity National Battlefield. George Washington's first battle was fought here against the French triggering the start of the French and Indian War in the summer of 1754. George Washington chose the Great Meadows (near present day Farmington), for the inevitable battle with an approaching French Army, proclaiming it 'A charming field for an encounter.' During the last two days of May and first three of June, he built a circular palisade fort, which he called Fort of Necessity. This event marked the only time George Washington ever surrendered to an enemy. Fort Necessity is located along Route 40 (The National Road), 8 miles east of Uniontown, PA.

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