Michael D. McCumber's Fay-West Scenes Archive

Looking Down on the Uniontown Area from Jumonville

Location: Jumonville, PA Season: Winter
Type: Scenic Added: 01/12/2000
Looking down from Dunbar knob overlooking the northern parts of Uniontown from this 2495-foot high mountain topped with a large white cross that can be seen for over 14 miles. The United Methodist church owns Jumonville, and has a campus here for training purposes. Jumonville is also host to where George Washington and his men had a skirmish with French soldiers and the "shot heard around the world" which is said to have started the conflict between the French and the English, known here in America as the French and Indian War. Soon after, George Washington and his men built a fort some distance to the south that he called 'Fort of Necessity' awaiting the retaliation from French and Indian forces from Fort Duquesne in present day Pittsburgh.

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