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Fall & Winter 1997
Fall and Winter 1997

Greensburg - A City for all Seasons

Greensburg is a critical city in the framework of the Laurel Highlands Destination Area and the eastern gateway city in the "Return to the Turn of a Century" concept along the Rt. 70 and New Stanton Turnpike Exit 8 corridor. It joins Rt. 30 which is being developed as a tourism parkway to tell of our modern transportation heritage (it being the first 4 lane highway) with the National Road tourism parkway Rt. 40 at Brownsville our western gateway.

With the linkage of the Town of Youngwood, its Museum and the "Highlander" through the 5 star Trail, (see below) another "Return to the Turn of the Century" keystone related to our former heritage is put into place. The Westmoreland County Capitol has much to see and do ranging from the preserved Pennsylvania Railroad Station, now serving Amtrak, to live performances at the Palace Theatre, and includes the well known Westmoreland Museum of Art. The downtown district bristles with shopping and various restuarants. The attraction of major industry in the Fay-West area of the County such as the Sony Plant, the increase of freight traffic on the County owned Southwest Branch and the emergence of tourism business speaks well of the County's Commissioners and their Development Commission.

The County Parks and Recreation Department also operates the Ceder Creek Park on the Yough Bike Trail above Boston.

Folks from all over are now starting to use the trail to come to the Museum;" according to Al Hopfer, President, Youngwood Pennsylvania Historical and Railroad Museum.

Now completed to Huff's Road, the 5 Star Hike and Bike Trail continues to progress rapidly. With the state grant awarded as announced by Director McKinley in the last Treasures, this Trail's development is expected to stay on schedule.

The Five Star Trail - A Critical Link

The Five Star Trail Association (affiliated with the Regional Trail Corporation), is completing a 7.5-mile trail beginning at Lynch Field in Greensburg through South Greensburg, Youngwood and New Stanton. An unusual opprotunity exists for the Trail developers, as the trail will parallel the County owned railway trackage which the "Highlander" Steam Passenger Train operates on, permitting Rail/Trail interaction between hikers/bikers and passengers.

1997 construction has started; central portions in Greensburg and South Greensburg are really moving ahead, with expected completion in mid-summer, and in 1998 linkage between Lynch Field and Westmoreland Community College. The trail will be an alternate transportation route, allowing students to bike to classes from Greensburg - only a 1/2 hour ride!

The name "5 Star" is derived from the communities of Greensburg, South Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, Hempfield Township and Youngwood. Volunteers are needed, call 724-830-3959.

The web site address for the Five Star Trail is: http://www.westol.com/5star.

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