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Connellsville and South Connellsville

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Connellsville and South Connellsville
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South Connellsville, PA History

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South Connellsville Begins to Flourish

Soisson Brick Company's plant at Volcano, PA (Where the sewage treatment plant now stands)
Soisson Brick Company's plant at Volcano, PA (Where the sewage treatment plant now stands)

Other people had come to this area earlier. A stone house situated on Hyndman Street in the Borough, the same house the McElhaney's were to call home in 1876, has a stone in its structure dated 1841. The house is now owned by the Schetrompf family.

In 1810, in that same area, the Rogers Paper Mill was built. It was located a short distance south of Gibsonville at the river, on the Good Intent Tract. The paper was of superior quality because of the purity of the water used for processing. A small village was said to have grown in the vicinity of the paper mill. For many years Baldrigde Avenue and Hyndman Street were called the Paper Mill Road.

These, then, were the pioneers, those who had come as early as the mid 1700's and obtained the original land grants from William Penn. The settlers who were to come later and take the land as their own, till the soil and raise their families in the wilderness, there were the people who would populate the area and make it grow.

People looking for land to farm were not the only persons to acquire property in the area. The area was abundant with clay which was used for brick making. In the fall of 1883 a brick works was constructed at White Rock by Jackson Spriggs. In 1876 Joseph Soisson went into partnership with Spriggs and Wilhelm and later bought their share of the business. The plant was located off Baldridge Avenue, where the South Connellsville Treatment Plant now stands and was called the Volcano Works. Bricks for paving, building and coke ovens were manufactured there. The clay used for these bricks was first obtained from mines a half mile or more east of Volcano Yard. The mines were later abandoned and a clay mine, at Bailey's Point, eight miles up the river, was put into operation. The clay used to produce the paving and building brick was obtained from the clay bank at the Volcano Works. Paving and building bricks were made by machinery, and the fire bricks for the coke ovens were molded by hand.

A short time later the "Age of Industrialization" came into being and what was to become the Borough of South Connellsville was soon a thriving manufacturing area. In 1896 the Connellsville Extension Company was formed. The company purchased a large tract of land south of Connellsville and located a number of manufacturing plants on it that employed about one thousand people. The area in which the plants stood is the present site of Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation.

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