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Connellsville and South Connellsville

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Connellsville and South Connellsville
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South Connellsville, PA History

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Beginning of Industry

Humbert Tin Plate Crew, about 1900
Humbert Tin Plate Crew, about 1900

As the manufacturing plants developed, people started to build in the area, and South Connellsville Lumber Company was organized in 1896. Most of the early dwellings of South Connellsville as well as many in other parts of Connellsville and New Haven were erected by this company.

William Ringer of South Connellsville also had a lumberyard and constructed about fifteen houses and buildings, including the Old Ringer Store. The lumber company was located at the rear of his property but eventually burned down. The Atlas Hotel was then built on the site. The hotel was owned by William Furlong who later sold it to George M. Snyder. An A&P was housed in the building for some years. After the removal of the A&P, Harel Wills of South Connellsville operated a general store there for some years.

Two extraordinary houses built at the turn of the century in South Connellsville were the "Boulders" and Reidmore. The "Boulders", located on South Pittsburgh Street was built by the owner of the Humbert Tin Plate Mill in the late 1800's. The house is an imposing brick structure that overlooked the site of Humbert's Tin Plate Mill and was named because of the large boulders on the property. It is a house of elaborate construction that has three floors with twelve large rooms, a large ballroom on the third floor and beautiful Fresco ceilings throughout the house. It also has a swimming pool. A carriage house has since been torn down. It was bought in 1962 by the present owner, Alvin Sheetz. Former owners were the Davis and Zakour families.

Boulders house on South Pittsburgh Street
Boulders house on South Pittsburgh Street

Reidmore, known more commonly as Reid's Dam, is located on Reidmore Road in South Connellsville and was built by another enterprising businessman of the late 1800's, Colonel James M. Reid. It was built as a surprise wedding gift for his wife, the former Nancy Blackstone Johnson, and was to be used as a summer retreat. The Reid's town house was located on Peach Street in Connellsville. Mrs. Reid told of her great surprise because the Colonel had given the money he planned to spend on the house to a carpenter with instructions as to the number of bedrooms and plans for a large living room, where dances could be held after their children were grown. The house was ideally situated for a summer home with a large dam nearby that was used for boating in summer and ice skating in winter. Colonel Reid's fortune was to go the way of so many hard-won fortunes, as he lost his interests in coke and real estate just before World War I. A son, Kenneth, refurbished Reidmore as a year-round home. It now belongs to his daughter, Betty Selseth.

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