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Connellsville and South Connellsville

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Connellsville and South Connellsville
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South Connellsville, PA History

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First Glass House

Anchor Hocking Plant
Anchor Hocking Plant

The first glass company in South Connellsville was Ripley Glass, established about 1911. The firm started its business operation in part of the building that had previously belonged to the Wilder Metal Coating Company. Hand-blown and hand-pressed glassware was made, including tumblers, stem glasses, punch bowl sets, dishes and some lampshades. The Ripley Glass Plant was shut down but was purchased by the Anchor Cap and Closure Company in 1917. Remodeling was started by the company and in June of 1919, the "Capstan" Plant was to ship its first carload of wares. At the time there were approximately three hundred employees producing five to six carloads of ware each day. The name "Capstan" was selected for the plant because it seemed to tie in with the "Anchor" of Anchor Cap and Closure. A capstan is a device on ships which assists in the handling of the anchor. By 1926, the plant employed five hundred persons, and shipments averaged seven to twelve carloads a day. Between 1928 and 1937 a series of mergers was to form the Anchor Cap Corporation and Hocking Glass Company. In 1938 the "Capstan" Glass Company closed its doors and did not reopen until 1941. It reopened as the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation.

Plant 5's sister plant, Plant 15, formerly of Long Island, New York, moved next to the glass plant in 1941, on the site formerly occupied by the Fort Wayne Corrugated Paper Company that was built to furnish "Capstan" Glass with cartons and fillers. Plant 16 manufactures metal closures. Warehouses are maintained at Youngwood, Pennsylvania and Connellsville Airport, along with the present complex of warehouses built in 1967 is unique since it contains a passageway complete with stoplight to the South Connellsville Lumber Company. This building was financed by local citizens purchasing bonds, indicating the communities interest in the long-range plans of Anchor Hocking.

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