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Connellsville and South Connellsville

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Connellsville and South Connellsville
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South Connellsville, PA History

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South Connellsville Churches

White Rock, as South Connellsville was called in the early 1900's, also had its churches that were a large part of the community's religious life. About 1878 a United Bethren Organization was formed and services were held in the only public building in the community, probably the White Rock School House.

South Connellsville Church
South Connellsville Church

Six years later a religious society known as "Christ's Gospel Union" erected a frame house of worship on Pittsburgh Street where the fire station now stands. The building was later to become known as the "Big Top" to many in the community. These services were discontinued after a few years, and in 1897 the Welsh Congregational Church was organized with thirty members. Services were held in the "Gospel Union" or "Big Top" building and were given in both Welsh and English. In 1908 school rooms were rented in the building which was later to house a bowling alley, barber shop, pool hall and shoe shop. The "Big Top" building was torn down in 1956.

Church (Big Top)
Church (Big Top)

The South Connellsville Church was first known as the "White Rock" appointment and a local preacher named N. G. Helms served the appointment as early as 1898. In 1900 a new church was built at "White Rock" under the pastorate of the Reverend E. E. Crouse. It was the First Evangelical Church, located on Wine Street. The parsonage was erected under the pastorate of the Reverend W. W. Basset. In 1938, during the pastorate of the Reverend M. R. Tyson, the present church was built, and in 1956 the new educational unit was built under the pastorate of the Reverend R. A. Nelson. A new parsonage now stands at the corner of Wine and Chesnut Street, built under the pastorate of the Reverend Clifford H. Moore.

Albright Church
Albright Church

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