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Charlene [Contact] Monday, January 24, 2005
Wonder if anyone knows anything about an oprhanage that was located on Clayton Ave. Near Observatory Hill sometime between 1950 and 1975. I have been searching for a picture orf the home that was at 1863 Clayton St Or AVE in Pittsburgh. I lived in the home for approx 2 years and would love to know a little about it. Thanks for any help
Twinning, Mi USA  
Rob Gratson [Contact] Friday, January 07, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Ohiopyle, PA
Oh..The answer is simple. Here is the rule that you have in place. (Do not discharge or carry loaded firearms on or near the Trail.) It says nothing about "No Firearms" just loaded Firearms and "discharging" is not allowed. I even called the Pa. Game Commission and asked a Park ranger today. Hunters are allowed anywhere on the trail as long as they follow the rules...There is even a grey area that goes with how far from the trail before you can shoot. Check into it. I would bet that most think 25 feet from the trail...(Try anywhere off the trail) or within a safety zone if residency is near.) I was told...Take a step off and you are legal.
Ohiopyle, Pa. USA  
Rob Gratson [Contact] Friday, January 07, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Ohiopyle, PA
I see your point. But. Most of us "Ethical Hunters" only use the trail to get to our remote areas. I can carry a firearm on the trail as long as it is unloaded which I do any time of the year. But...You might want to look at a spooky scenario. Most people who understand this scenario see my point. Be glad that the hunters are walking the trail to get to their spots. For instance...A hunter can easily recognize the differance between a biker or cross country skier or deer if they are on the trail walking to a spot. Now I ask you to try this....Walk up onto river hill about 100-150 yards and walk along parrallel with the trail. You would be amazed and scared to death when you see how much a biker or skier moving along below you at 15 mph looks like a deer to a rookie eye or unethical hunter "They are out there" How many times do you think that they had someone in their scope thinking they were a doe and almost shot " I saw it" or as I did on a cross country skier....I glassed them with my binoculars....They were wearing light brown cloths. Wouldnt you rather us being where we have a clear line of sight while walking in??
Ohiopyle, Pa. USA  
Al Wezorek [Contact] Thursday, January 06, 2005
Sorry...I messed up that last post....It is a question of not wanting to share the trail with hunters.... The question is...are hunters allowed to carry loaded guns and shoot from the trail.... For the part of the trail I am writing about, you can find the trail rules at....http://www.youghrivertrail.com/trail_rules.htm.....Do not discharge or carry loaded firearms on or near the Trail.
Monroeville, PA USA  
Al Wezorek [Contact] Thursday, January 06, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Boston
It is a question of not wanting to share the trail with hunters. The question is...are hunters allowed to carry loaded guns and shoot from the trail. For the part of the trail I am writing about, you can find the trail rules at http://www.youghrivertrail.com/trail_rules.htm Youghiogheny River Trail RULES For your safety and enjoyment, use: CAUTION COURTESY COMMON SENSE Trail open daily, dawn to dusk. No overnight use, except in authorized areas. Please respect private property, stay on the Trail. No motorized vehicles, except wheelchairs. Please keep to the right, Pass on the left. Please keep horses off the improved hiker/biker surface. Stay on the grass. Give audible signal when passing other users. Keep pets on a short leash, under control, and pet waste off the Trail. Dumping and littering are prohibited. If you see litter, pick it up. Do not discharge or carry loaded firearms on or near the Trail. Violators will be prosecuted. Bicyclists and horse riders should wear helmets. Permits are required for any special group event of twenty or more. Call (724) 872-5586 Camping is only permitted at designated camping areas. Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. In the event of an emergency, telephone 911 for Allegheny, Westmoreland, or Fayette counties.
Monroeville, PA USA  
Rob Gratson Thursday, January 06, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Ohiopyle, PA
I would really like to know why you guys have a problem with sharing the trail with hunters. We all pay our dues in some way. Hell....If we see game. It is always way up on river hill anyways and there is no risk of shooting down the trail..sheesh. Most of what is now the trail especially in my area was used by hunters for centuries before it was ever even concidered for a trail. Nobody was ever shot then and will not be in the future. More fatal/nonfatal injuries happen by snake bites and bee stings,wrecks, ect. ect. on the trail in one month than you will ever be hunting related incidents in a lifetime. Sounds like the usual. Non educated anti hunters who cry when they see a gun. Be more afraid of the pediphiles out there everyday. Our son was almost abducted. Just ask the Park Rangers in Ohiopyle. All we as hunters ask for is a little respect as we give you. I am both a biker and hunter/outdoor writer/wildlife photographer. I am there more than most. Enjoy the trail. Enjoy what is one of the oldest Pa. traditions "Hunting" I have had many bikers stop and chat with me while walking the trail during hunting season. You would be suprised at the history lesson of the area that you might just gain...I have made some great friends along the trail and have given many free historical tours for those who want more knowledge of the area and unmarked access points. The moral is. Dont give every hunter you see on the trail a bad rap. Most of us love sharing it with you. Hek, my family lived and grew up along some of those beautiful remote areas of the trail...Why should I be denied the chance to walk that trail that my great great grandfather did 100 years ago in search of the memories or stories past down about the big buck in ole camp carmel hollow or some other civilized forgotten area that he cherished.
Ohiopyle, Pa. USA  
Al Wezorek [Contact] Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Boston
This is addressed to Trail Rider: In Dec 2003, I ran into 4 hunters in about the same area of the trail. I was riding from Boston and they were walking on the trail from the Dravo Cemetery. Two were facing the left and two were facing the right as they were walking towards me. Fortunately, I had my orange on and didn't wear my antler hat that day. I got the impression that they were looking for deer not walking some place. Also, I did speak with them. They wanted to know if I had seen any deer from where I came. We talked a little. I didn't ask them if their rifles were loaded. Our conversation was non-confrontational and short. We were respectful of each other. However, you can't convince me that their rifles were unloaded. If they would have saw a deer, I don't think they would have taken the time to walk off the trail and load their rifles before taking their shot. If they did the deer would be long gone.
Monroeville, PA USA  
Bryan Ryan [Contact] Monday, January 03, 2005
This is a reply to TRAIL RIDER: the lady in question had good reason to be concerned Firearms of any kind have always been prohibited on the trail. It's posted at all the trail heads if one takes the time to read them. And she would have been well within her rights to call 911 about it. Hunters seem to think they can hunt anywhere they like now days and walking on the trails with there guns is a volition of the trail rules.
Johnstown, Pa USA  
TRAIL RIDER [Contact] Saturday, January 01, 2005
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Connellsville, PA
I feel compelled to comment on the ladies' concern of hunters on the trail. 1. Hunting is allowed in many areas of Allegheny County. 2. These hunters were probably using the trail to get to their hunting spots, the trail is for public use and they were in their rights to be there. why would you even think of calling 911??? Did they threaten you?? Did you greet them as you would anybody else without rifles??? I'm sure that the rifles were unloaded , as required by law, and they would have responded, in kind , had you greeted them. 3. The rail trail is constructed on the old railroad right-of-way and the adjourning property is owned by someone , be it state, federal or private parties who have a right to post their property with signs , if they wish. Most property owners post their land only after others have have abused or destroyed it. I hope that I haven't offended anyone with this message and that is not my intent , but We should not put labels on others or feel threatened by unknown fears because they are carring rifles. And by the way ,I am not a hunter. Happy riding , hope you have thousands of good miles in your future.
acme, pa. USA  
joanne tyzenhouse [Contact] Friday, December 31, 2004
Favorite Segment: Whittset to Cedar Creek Park Access Point: Boston
Got a day-early start on New Year's resolutions today, what with temps in the high 50's, but was disturbed by what I saw on the trail. Between MP 23 & 25, I saw about 6-8 men in blaze orange with hunting rifles walking on the trail. Along the palisade side of the trail someone had posted yellow 'no trespassing/no hunting' signs on trees & there isn't much room between the trail and the river, & I have two questions: first, what were they doing there & is hunting w/ rifles allowed so close to the trail? Second, I believe they were still in Allegheny County & my understanding is that no hunting with firearms is allowed anywhere in the county. True? Since I had no cell phone w/ me I couldn't call 911, & as a woman alone I wasn't about to confront them. Anyway. Trail conditions were varied: between MP 19 & 25 it was slow going & mushy but smoother & a little faster beyond that to Buena Vista, where things got mushy again.
pittsburgh, pa USA  
ray schmidt [Contact] Sunday, December 26, 2004
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Connellsville, PA
i just came across this site and think it is super. what a powerful tool to share just yough trail information, such as ed's comment about the trail hazard in mckeesport and the alerting to a preditor near ohiopyle. i am sure i am not alone but feel really lucky that we have such a beautiful trail near us. also thanks to M. McCumber for the great pictures and allowing access to them for mailing. happy trails. ray.
delmont, pa USA  
Bryan Ryan [Contact] Saturday, December 18, 2004
Favorite Segment: Confluence to Ohiopyle Access Point: Connellsville, PA
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Johnstown, Pa USA  
mr solomon [Contact] Sunday, December 05, 2004
The new milemarkers starting from connellsville to D.C will be measured from Pittsburgh Terminus of the Trail as said in the last post and these new markers will be on the existing mile markers from Connellsville to D.C. The first marker starts at M.P 59.0 all the way to Washington D.C ( M.P 318.0 ) approx. Thank you for your cooperation and we look for ways to improve this trail each year. Mr. Solomon, Trail Patroller
yough River Transport [Contact] Saturday, December 04, 2004
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Connellsville, PA
Hello All: At this time we at Yough River Transport would like to wish all of you out there a happy holiday season and a happy new year. We would also like to thank everybody that used our shuttle service on the Yough River trail. We have shuttled bicyclists from Florida, Oregon, Kansas, Ohio and the pittsburgh area to mention a few. Also in the spring of 2005 we will be opening a Hostel in C/ville.After speaking with all of our clients they where very impressed with our bike trail and the beauty of our area, and plan on returning in the future to visit. I know our city has its share of problems but all citys do. So as I end this comment i believe we should all be proud of our area.I know that i am!!!! Happy Holidays: David Yough River Transport
Dunbar, Pa USA  
Mr. Solomon [Contact] Tuesday, November 30, 2004
On the mile post arrangements, additional mile markers will be installed soon starting from Connellsville and heading Southward. These new Mile markers will be measured from the City of Pittsburgh all the way down past Ohiopyle and eventually to Washington, D.C. E-mail with any questions concerning this subject.
Kris Mamula [Contact] Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Favorite Segment: Connellsville to Dawson Access Point: Boston
Like Tony, I was a little surprised by the section of the trail chosen for the recent resurfacing. The trail really narrows in the vicinity of Whitsett, more like a wheelbarrow track than biking lane. That would've been my choice of sections to upgrade. But the inconvenience is more than compensated by the remote beauty of the region. The area also has quite a history as the new granite markers in Whitsett and elsewhere indicate. Well worth the trip.
Pittsburgh, PA USA  
Ed [Contact] Sunday, September 26, 2004
Access Point: McKeesport
Wanted to mention a trail hazard in McKeesport. We started at police station lot, headed south, at the south end of a paved section before the trail turns to dirt and goes under an overpass, there's three posts across the trail, and the center post is removed leaving an 8" base sticking up. I was the fourth rider in line, never saw the obstacle, hit it and went down really hard. Details are in our trip report at: http://www.thirdwave-websites.com/bike/rockwood-trail-house.cfm It seems like the center post is quasi-permanently missing. They should either put the post back, remove the base, or maybe put a big orange cone over the base. Somebody's going to get hurt badly there. Ed
Monaca, PA USA  
Tony Lalli [Contact] Saturday, September 25, 2004
Favorite Segment: Ohiopyle to Connellsville Access Point: Connellsville, PA
Glad to hear some comment that the trail was spared from the flooding of September 17th. Please update the web site. Curious to see that the trail is being resurfaced north of Cedar Creek Park, which is in much better condition than the stretch south of Whitsett, some of which measures less than 2 feet wide! Am I the only person who rides this stretch? I recommend the area around mile post 50, which is quite remote much like the area south of Ohiopyle, yet almost desolate in that you rarely pass another rider, even on weekends. Speaking of mileposts... Could the folks in Ohiopyle re-map their mileposts, so that they continue on from the marker 58 in Connelsville? Switching to the descending system is a little strange - it's not like you're crossing the state line or anything. Imagine if the PA Turnpike were to abruptly change mile markers at Breezewood, just because the folks to the east preferred their numbers! I'm only suggesting keeping the northern mileposts since there are more of them, plus I like the concrete markers in place, and they indicate how far you are from the future western terminus (Pittsburgh). See you on the trail!
Murrysville, PA USA  
mark Saturday, September 25, 2004
Thanks for the information
Leslie Pierce [Contact] Thursday, September 23, 2004
There was very little damage to the Yough River Trail North. A few small washouts were reported but I am told volunteers are working on those problem areas. we were very lucky.
West Newton, PA USA  

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